Grocery King

                            for Android v3.2


“ The #1 Selling Paid Shopping App On Android “

Throw away that pen and paper, there is now an easier and better way to manage shopping lists.  Grocery King offers all the features that you expect from an intuitive and powerful shopping list application.

Features :

  1. -Ease of use: Grocery King offers one of the best user experiences in its class. The user interface was designed keeping ease of use in mind. Pick & add items to your shopping list as if you were virtually walking through your local grocery store.

  1. -Intuitive Aisle/Category based browsing: Browse/Pick items from 21 different aisles/categories. This is a more fun way of creating a shopping list, than manually typing all items that you need. Now there is no need to remember all of your shopping items, just browse through the aisles to determine what you want. There are 1000's of everyday items that you can browse through and around 10,000 searchable products/brands.

  1. -Product barcode lookup for 1.1 million items. Just scan the barcode of any product using the app, and the app will lookup millions of products from our online catalog and show you the product information. You can then save the barcode and add the item to your local inventory/shopping list.

  1. -Scan a product barcode and the app will automatically recognize and add/strike off items from your shopping list. If you think looking up items is boring, then don’t worry. Create your own catalog of your favorite products at home by scanning/saving their barcodes once, and the app will remove/strike off from your shopping list the same items at the store when you scan.

  1. -Sync your shopping list with friends and family. Now you can easily share and automatically sync your shopping list with any other user having Grocery King app. Just pass on your unique user id to the user and he/she will be able to seamlessly import your shopping list.

  1. -Quick and Powerful Search Engine: Use our live search feature to search for 1000's of generic and brand name items quickly.  Search feature is a nice alternative, if you do not have the patience to lookup our aisle/category based views. The search engine instantaneously offers hints of the closest match. Add the searched item to the list or to your favorites directly.

  1. -Remembers your recent grocery list: No need to create a shopping list from scratch after you clear your shopping list. Grocery king remembers your recent shopping list. Just go to History view and create a new shopping list from that.

  1. -Save your favorites: Grocery King allows you to add your commonly purchased products to an easy to access list. Add an item to your favorites from any view with a single click. Items can later be picked from the favorites view and added to your shopping list.

  1. -Legible shopping lists : Your shopping list is displayed and laid out in a clean and organized manner.  All your items on your shopping list are automatically sorted by its corresponding aisle/category. When you get to your local grocery store, just go to the listed aisle and add the items to your cart. Once you are done purchasing an item, just click on that item and the view realistically scratches of that item from the view.

  1. -E-mail your list: You do not have to take the responsibility of all the shopping, just pass it on. Use our e-mail feature to share your shopping list with your friends/family.

  1. -Price your shopping list: Grocery king prices your list automatically. It shows your full shopping list cost and also cost of items that you have checked (put in your cart). Users can also add/edit the price on any item.

  1. -Backup/Restore user data: Users can now easily backup their shopping data like favorites, custom items, bar code info, shopping list etc. A backup file is created and stored on the phone’s SD card. Users can always restore their app by using the restore functionality in Grocery king. Backup is especially useful in scenarios where the phone’s operating system has crashed and having a backup, the user can recover all his/her precious data by restoring from the backup file. Backups also allow the user to uninstall the app and later re-install and recover user data from the backup file. 

  1. -Save your Club/Reward Cards? Leave those bulky plastic reward/club cards at home! Grocery King lets you easily store, manage and quickly retrieve your reward, club, and loyalty cards on your android phone, where they can be scanned directly from your screen at most merchants. We have support for 400+ merchants/retailers worldwide including US, Canada and Europe. If your merchant is not listed, you can easily create one.

User Reviews

Checkout some of the excellent comments/reviews that Grocery King has received from our users.

“Easy to use and has all the products that i will ever need for my regular grocery shopping. Aisle based shopping feature rocks.”

“The Best Grocery/Shopping app out there”

“WOW! This app is worth every penny! It help me and my hubby manage our grocery budget easily and it cut our grocery shopping time in half, amazing!”

“Great app with lots of user customizations options.”

“Awesome app. I haven't found any shopping app as complete as this.”

“The best grocery app out there dev is the best even updates items u request to be added. Worth every penny even scans your club cards. This is the best”

“One of the best looking shopping list app that i have ever used. I like the quick search feature and also that the list is priced automatically.”

“Dev has incorporated several of my comments to improve app. Much more user friendly for non-US users. Well worth the money. Thanks :-D”

Absolutely awesome. I & my wife can now sync our shopping lists live. Backup feature is great. I can now safely backup data to SD card”

“Great, makes life easier at the store.”

“Love it! A must have!!”

“Abba-solutely Wonderful!!!”

“A must have. One of the best apps on android market. Huge product database and well thought about user interface.”